Discover how the new Workplace Referral Program can save you money

by Anahid Basmajian

Our customers often recommend Workplace to other organizations. So our new referral program gives thanks to those existing customers and a warm welcome to new ones.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve been humbled by the number of customers that refer Workplace to other organizations with no incentive or reward for doing so - just the conviction that business is better when people are connected. We’re grateful to have been introduced to so many amazing businesses who are now customers too.

Now it’s our turn to give something back.

We feel it’s important to acknowledge and thank our customers for referring other businesses to us. So we’re delighted to launch our new new Workplace Customer Referral Program, which we’re rolling out to existing customers and referrals in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Get started with the Workplace Referral Program

What you’ll receive

If you’re a Workplace customer in these countries, we'll give you $750 off your monthly bill for every eligible business you refer to Workplace through our Referral Program if that business becomes a paying customer.

What they’ll receive

The organizations that you refer will also benefit. They’ll get free access to Workplace for one month. Plus, they’ll save $250 on their bill when they sign up and become a paying Workplace customer for one month or more.

How the Workplace Customer Referral Program works

Register and start sharing

If you’re an existing Workplace customer go to and add your name and email address to register for the Referral Program.

You’ll then be presented with easy ways to share your unique link via email, Messenger and WhatsApp on mobile. Or if you register for name sharing when you sign up, your referral can type in your name instead when they sign up for their free Workplace trial.

You can refer up to five businesses per month, and the more businesses you refer, the more you can save.

The small print, but nothing scary

Businesses being referred must have 50 employees or more. At present, the Workplace Referral Program is only available to existing customers and referrals in the following countries: United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United kingdom.

Referrals can only be made by Workplace customers who are designated as system administrators within their organization’s Workplace and who have current Workplace subscriptions that were purchased directly from Facebook and not via a reseller. Government entities are prohibited from participating in the program in any capacity. To see the full terms of the program click here. Workplace reserves the right to change or stop this referral program at any time.

Head to the Workplace Customer Referral Program and get started today.

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