Why is the Workplace website being updated?

Maudhui haya ya msaada hayapatikani katika lugha yako. Tafadhali chagua kutoka kwa mojawapo ya lugha zako zinazoauniwa:
Workplace’s new website was built to give us a new foundation to improve the performance and accessibility of Workplace, which we know from feedback are important customer priorities. It will benefit from Facebook’s powerful infrastructure, designed to help billions of people around the world stay connected.
With this update we can continue to make performance and accessibility improvements in the future, while introducing exciting features to help colleagues connect and collaborate.
What’s new?
  1. Dark Mode: helps minimize screen glare and is easier on the eyes, especially for use in low light conditions. You can switch to Dark Mode by going to your Profile Picture in the left navigation → Settings → Display Options → Dark Mode
  2. Full Width Mode: provides a better experience to people using a large monitor by minimizing wasted white space.
  3. Better post creation experience: we modernized the post creation experience by collapsing the "Add to your post" section to improve focus, and added easier text formatting options.
  4. Improved Accessibility: in addition to Dark Mode, we have introduced improved focus management, easier keyboard navigation and support for screen readers. To learn more about accessibility support on Workplace, visit our Help Centre.
  5. Faster: using cutting-edge infrastructure components developed at Facebook, the Workplace website is now significantly faster, making it easier for you to find the things you need to get work done.
What’s changed?
To help you find your way around the new website interface, here are some features that have moved or changed:
  1. Group Insights: have been moved under “Admin Options” accessible via the “...” menu in the groups header for a full screen experience.
  2. Groups admin options: now open as a full screen view with a clearer information hierarchy and visual design.
  3. Post composer default menu in Groups: you will now see options such as Add a photo/video, check-in or share a feeling or activity. For more options, you can click into the post composer to Add to Your Post.
  4. Chat menu: we’ve made changes to the interface when clicking the + button in chat. The order of possible actions has changed, for example create a poll is now the last option.
  5. Events interface: We’ve modernised the Events UI: the Invite button now appears in the upper right corner now as opposed to under event details to make it easier to quickly invite your colleagues to company and team events.
What’s temporarily missing?
Most Workplace features, except some low usage features listed in the following section, will be available in the new web experience by October. We recommend switching back to the classic experience to use features that are still being built into the new experience, such as:
  1. Topics: can only be added after posting, do not include topic suggestions, and are now located at the bottom of the post. Topic tags are not visible in the right hand column and admin settings to enable/disable topics feature for a group are missing.
  2. Chat: the voice clip functionality are currently missing (available by December).
  3. Composer: multi-language post support.
  4. Dark Mode Support: a few surfaces do not yet fully support dark mode. We’re reviewing each page and will be bringing full support by launch.
Status update: 19th November 2020
We’re continuing to track all customer feedback from Early Access of the new Workplace website. Below we’ve outlined the latest improvements to the experience as well as what’s coming soon.
Website improvements
We’ve shipped several small bug fixes, but have primarily been focused on bringing back support for Voice Clips in web chat, Multilingual Posts and Topics. Work on Multilingual posts and Topics is still ongoing and they will be fully supported by December.
What's next?
We’re still working on adding support for Voice Clips in web chat; multilingual posts, and Topics. These are more complex features that require more time to build in the new experience.
What will no longer be available in the new experience?
  1. Set nickname: to lighten the infrastructure of the Workplace website, we decided to remove the "set nickname" feature that allowed chat participants to set nicknames for one another. We have decided to deprecate this feature on both the Workplace website as well as the Workplace Chat iOS app.
  2. Picture Polls: due to very low usage, we have decided to deprecate this functionality.
Note on Internet Explorer 11 Support
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is not currently supported in the new experience and anyone using IE11 will remain on the classic experience.
From February 9th 2021 the new website will temporarily support a limited version of the Workplace experience in Internet Explorer until August 2021.
After August 2021, in line with Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting Internet Explorer, customers accessing Workplace in Internet Explorer will start to experience degraded performance or may be unable to connect to Workplace.
We planned to switch all customers to the new website by December 9th but we’re now extending that timeframe to February 9th 2021 as we build support for Internet Explorer.
Summary list of features
What's newWhat's changedWhat's fixedSupported by DecemberNo longer available
Dark ModeGroup InsightsAttatching multiple files / photos in a postTopicsSet a nickname
Wider feedGroups admin optionsPersistent menu "Get Started" button missing for chat botsMulti-language post supportPicture polls
Better post creation experiencePost composer default menu in GroupsAuto Group membership now called: Who is pre-approved to join.Voice clip functionality in chat
Improved accessibilityChat menuPeer-to-peer Live Enterprise
FasterEvents interfaceEvent creation support in Groups
Post-insights are now accessible via the contextual menu at the top right of your posts
Creating photo albums in Groups
Invite to groups via CSV file uploads
Chat timestamps more visible
File integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox
Ability to attach multiple files to a post and view file previews
Formatting while viewing markdown posts in full screen
Creating and editing Closed Captioning on videos
File integrations with Sharepoint / Onedrive
Display schedules in Events
Uploading files in the Files tab in a group
Camera functionality in Chat
File annotations
Launch Timeline
August 12th - Early access opt-in (New and classic website available)
Admins can test the new experience and turn it on/off for their company
August 26th - Early access opt-out only (New and classic website available)
New website is launched to all customers. Companies can switch back at any time if they wish.
December - Old website no longer available
All missing features, including Topics and Multilingual posts, will be available in new experience.
February 9th - Old website no longer available
Your Workplace will be moved to the new Workplace website and you will no longer be able to access the classic experience.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m an Admin, how do I turn on / off the new website experience to try it myself?
As an Admin, you can try the new website by turning it on for your own account only. To do this, click on your profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner, then click on "Use improved Workplace website".
I’m an Admin, how do I turn on / off the new website experience for company?
System admins can manage Early Access for the improved website for their entire Workplace via the What's new post in the Admin Panel. Admins can select a start and end date of their Early Access period. The default Early Access end date is set to February 9th 2021.
Can I move my company to the new website before February 9th 2021?
Yes, if you would like to move your Workplace to the new website, please change your Rollout Completion date via What’s New > Manage Early Access to your desired date.
I am an employee. How can I go back to the classic website if I don't want to use the improved website?
Before February 9th you will be able to go back to the old website. To do this, click on the profile picture in the bottom left-hand corner, then click on Use classic Workplace Website. You will no longer see this option after February 9th.
When will missing features be available in the new experience?
All missing features will be available by December for you to try before the final transition on February 9th. Will the new website support all features in Internet Explorer?
Some features, including new features such as Dark Mode will not be supported in Internet Explorer. For the best experience on Workplace we recommend using one of the following browsers.
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