Maudhui haya ya msaada hayapatikani katika lugha yako. Tafadhali chagua kutoka kwa mojawapo ya lugha zako zinazoauniwa:

Find out more about the support that is available to you as a Workplace customer. Not ready to submit a support request? Get more help by visiting our learning and training resources.

All Workplace customers have access to online help resources. Find out below what additional support is available for your Workplace plan.
What additional support is available?
Users on Workplace have access to the Workplace Help Center, Workplace Help Community and the Customer Resource Center.
Where additional support is needed, admins are also able to contact the Workplace Support team directly via message or chat. To access your support inbox and make a new request:
  1. Open the Admin Panel from the Workplace navigation bar.
  2. Click Contact support.
  3. Click Ask a question to send Workplace support a message.
  4. Click Chat with us to get support via instant messaging. Chat support is currently being rolled out and is not yet available to all customers.
You can also access this screen by clicking in the Workplace navigation bar and selecting Contact Workplace Support.
The support inbox allows you to see past support requests, filter support requests by their current status, and see if there is any outage that might be affecting Workplace functionality.
Still need help?
All Workplace users can find additional support by:
  • Visiting Developer Support. This is the place to learn about technical integration between your company and Workplace.
  • Visiting the Customer Resource Center. This is your central hub for all Workplace best practices and resources. It can help you to ensure a successful Workplace launch and achieve quick results within your organization.
  • Using your Workplace account to access the Workplace Academy for tutorials. It has free, virtual live classes, self-paced interactive classes, demos of tips and best practices and short videos on features and strategies.
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There are several benefits to using Direct Support:
  • Admins get visibility on all support requests created by admins in the company.
  • Direct support is in-product, meaning admins don't need to go outside of Workplace to get assistance.
  • Admins have the ability to see the status of the tickets they've submitted to keep track of progress.
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If you're an admin on your Workplace, you can request phone support for an issue. To request phone support:
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin Panel.
  2. Click Contact Support.
  3. At the top, click Ask a Question.
  4. Select the topic that your enquire relates to.
  5. Fill in the form and turn on Request Phone Support.
  6. Click next to Authorize Recording to enable this as well.
  7. Type in the phone number you'd like to be contacted on and click Confirm..
Phone support is activated for all topics except Company Management, Billing, Apps and Integrations and Safety Check.
Note: You will not be able to contact support agents directly. Agents will call from a random number.
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Priorities can be used to provide information to Workplace Support about the business impact and urgency of your issue or question. Guidelines for each priority can be seen below.
High Priority: Severe business impact
Severe impact to business. The issue prevents users from being able to perform their job responsibilities. Requires immediate action. No possible workarounds available.
  • All users are unable to login to use Workplace.
  • A key component of Workplace is not working for all users, such as the ability to create groups.
  • A key stakeholder, such as the company CEO, is unable to use a core functionality of Workplace, e.g. cannot go live.
Mid Priority: Moderate business impact
Moderate impact to business. The issue prevents some users from performing their job responsibilities. Workaround is available. Non-primary feature of Workplace is not working for users.
  • Some users are not able to go live.
  • A non key component of Workplace is not working as expected - Mac users being unable to download a video.
Low Priority: Low business impact
Low impact to business. The issue is transient. Workaround is available. Impact is less than 5% of total users and issue is not a core component of Workplace.
  • One user is occasionally unable to see a chat thread linked to a group.
  • Some users are unable to download a video when using an Android phone, but can do so from a laptop or an iOS device.
  • Relatively low-key issues with API usage/Developer Support.
Note: The main purpose of priorities is to signal the business impact or urgency of your issue to the Workplace support team. Priorities do not guarantee faster or slower resolution, but enable us to better focus on the more impactful and urgent issues.
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We provide native support in the following languages:
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
Native support for other languages is expanding so this list is subject to change.
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Other support
The Customer Resource Center is your central hub for all Workplace best practices and resources to ensure a successful Workplace launch and achieve quick results within your organization.
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The Status page is publicly available at You can also find a link to the page at the footer of the Workplace website.
An entry is added to the Status page when an issue is identified, when there are any changes to the status of the issue and when the issue is resolved.
Subscribe to updates
You can add the Workplace Status publisher integration to a Workplace group. When an issue appears or gets resolved on the Workplace Status page, the integration will post in the group and members will get push and email notifications.
To add the integration:
  1. On the group you admin, click More and select Integrations.
  2. Click Workplace Status.
  3. Select Add.
You can also use your favorite RSS Reader to subscribe to the Workplace Status RSS Feed.
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Report a problem
If you believe you're experiencing an issue with Workplace, you can check to see if the issue is affecting other customers. We only list issues affecting users' ability to use core Workplace features on the Workplace Status Page. These features are noted at the top of the Status Page.
If you're an admin on Workplace experiencing an issue with one of these features, but can't see it listed on the Status Page, you can submit a ticket to our Support Team.
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You can report bugs on Workplace from your computer.
To report an issue:
  1. Click on the left panel.
  2. Select Is something broken? from the popup window.
  3. You can type in your report and add a screenshot or video to show the problem you are encountering.
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