How do I set up a Workplace Essential account?

Maudhui haya ya msaada hayapatikani katika lugha yako. Tafadhali chagua kutoka kwa mojawapo ya lugha zako zinazoauniwa:
If you'd like to set up a Workplace Essential account, you can sign up on our website.
Keep in mind that the email domain you're using can't have already been claimed by another Workplace community.
Workplace Essential and Workplace Advanced are different types of Workplace communities. If you'd like to set up a Workplace Advanced account for your company, you can also sign up via our website. There's no limit to the number of people you can have in either community type.
You can sign up to Workplace Essential using a business email address or a personal email address. Only accounts created with a business email address can be upgraded to Workplace Advanced. You cannot change the email address on your Workplace Essential account from a personal email address to a business email address.

If you have an account created with a personal email address and would like one with a business email address you can go to and create a new account.
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