Building an Inclusive Workplace

Amplify your diversity and inclusion programs with the community-building power of Workplace.

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Remote Working Guide for ManagersRemote Working Guide for Managers

Most organizations today recognize the overwhelming benefits of diversity on business performance. A diverse workforce will bring diverse perspectives and viewpoints to your business, but recruiting is just the first step in the D&I journey. A culture of belonging that honors people’s differences and the value they bring to the business is what nurtures a diverse workforce and allows employees to make an impact and thrive.

We believe the community-building power of Workplace can amplify and enhance your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. With the right Workplace strategy, you can build a culture where differences are respected and everyone’s voice is heard.

In this Playbook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain insights on employee experience with Surveys
  • Build networks of support with social resource groups
  • Offer learning opportunities for people managers
  • Share D&I resources in your Knowledge Library
  • Raise awareness about Workplace accessibility and inclusivity features
  • Celebrate diversity with internal campaigns
  • Communicate about D&I transparently
  • Gather feedback and measure success

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